Selenite Spar Vase

Производитель: John Richard
Заказ 3 мес

15.5''H X 10.5''D Irregular satin selenite spars create this stunning natural stone vase. Disclaimer: Selenite is a natural crystalline material with wide decorative appeal. By its sheer nature, imperfections such as other mineral deposits, which may appear as colored sections or varying crystalline structures, are not only expected, but indeed add to the beauty of the piece. The softness of selenite may result in separation of sections of crystal, which can be reattached with the use of a clear adhesive.

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Selenite Spar Vase
Категория товара: Вазы
Производитель: John Richard
Срок поставки:: Заказ 3 мес
Глубина (см): 27
Ширина: 27
Высота: 39

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